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Flutters.jpeg.jpg.avi.amv by Lethal-Doorknob

This my first critique im gonna write, so bear with me and my awful spelling/grammar. Here we go! This piece of drawing is a excellent ...



As the title says, i wish everyone a supreme start on their new year! If you may have some resolutions to take care of, then all the best whishes from me :D
  • Mood: Relief
Do you know what the best feeling is? Well for me its relief, think about it. After some nerve-wrecking moments of your life ends and then... its just serenity. This day was a ending from that nerve-wrecking episode i´ve had now for about 3 months.

To get to the point, Im finally done with my first year of medical school!! I cant describe the feeling how lighter i feel, the burden is gone! Well, for now at least, i still need to endure 2nd year and 3rd,  etc. I hope yall having a good day as me :)

Besides this, hmmm, I´ve started to watch fairy tail and its quite the typical shonen anime, but i cant help to like that kind of stuff. Also finally seen thru fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood also. Gotta say, it was great at the start, mid, and a little bit in the end. BUT, the climax was stupid imo.

I hope i can draw something more, since i havent done it now for a couple of months, also be more active with deviant art and perhaps my group that im admin in :/
  • Mood: Relief
Just wanted to say im in poland now and have excellent internet again!
Whats good: i missed the city wroclaw, i miss the nice people here too. But im back!
Whats bad: university... my damn classmates, have to endure another year with them...

Havent started university yet, but i still have retakes to do now during september, i actually start 1st october.
My will to do something productive is being hindered by the university, thats one reason i havent done anything art related.

Other than this, there isnt much to it.
  • Mood: Bitter
Now that EVO 2014 is all done, all i can say is... it was one hell of a tournament! From all sides, KI, USF4, KOF, SSTHDREMIX and more!
Everything was very entertaining, the grandfinals though.... wow, football has nothing on this IMO :D!

Just wish for once evo would be hosted here in Europe :(, nontheless cant wait for the next years EVO!
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Hello, I think its a good time to write a journal entry since i hope i have something interesting for you all to hear. I hope everyone have a wonderful summer :)

Yesterday i actually completed 2 things on my to do list that i really wanted to do. First off was finnishing a game called Planescape: torment, and the other was reading the 4th book of the metro 2033 series which is named if translated to english: Metro 2033 universe: Jounrey to the darkness. As you can guess, I attempt to do a review of both things, not trying to have not too long reviews for each of them. But i still think this will be a quite long journal entry nonetheless, So bear with me D: !

Lets start with the game, Planescape: Torment. I dont really know how to structure the whole thing but i think i will look at some aspects of it such as; Presentation, gameplay, story and miscellaneous (which will be gamefeel, bugs etc.)

Alrighty, here we go! Planescape: Torment is the first computer game to be set in the Planescape Universe which "I THINK", is a dungeons and dragons alternative form which is a setting of planes of existance. Like a place which links other worlds of dungeons and dragons to each other. Think of a gateway that allows you to travel to ANY dungeons and dragons world. You take the role of a character (preset one), his name is Nameless One because you dont know your name! Why you may ask, well supposedly you are a immortal being and have died several time in your life. The thing is, you suffer from amnesia everytime you die and dont remember anything that have happened to you. You dont even know where you are or what you are. You wake up in a mortuary where you also find your first companion! Its a skull, his name is Morte, he offers his help to aid you to escape the mortuary and perhaps find out what happened to you. Majority of the whole game takes place in a city called Sigil (you come across other areas too of course).

That would be the introduction to the game, lets talk about the -Presentation-
The game came out around 1999, so dont expect this to be graphics of todays standards! I've played alot of 90s game back in my days so i would know if it has good graphics and all, and surley it does. Good set of colours and surprisingly great details to things. If you have played Baldurs gate (Black Isle studios published that game) then you can compare it to the graphical quality since it is just 1 year older than Planescape: Torment. They have a very similar (almost identical) graphical style but planescape wins the quality of it. Now how everything is depicted for me, it is quite a interesting world. Quite tough to wrap around your head first hours you play it. everything is stylized in its own fashion, buildings, NPCs(none player characters) that walks around, the landscape that you see, and the tone is dark. You notice it immediately when playing. You can tell apart everything you see with no problem (had that problem with Baldurs Gate at some points). From a Dungeons and Dragons perspective, its also great. You can see a great variety of races that is being presented with their models and also monsters! Dont forget the monsters! that is the most interesting thing to see, how they look like :) !

Now to Gameplay, sorry if this review is a snore fest, i dont expect it to be any good in any form. Perhaps gives you a spark of will on perhaps trying it out sometime ^^.
The game play exactly like Baldurs Gate but a bit quicker, its Real time with of a Roll of a D20 (a dice with 20 sides) that determines if you succeed to hit you opponent or succeed damaging them. A very good part of this gameplay is that all your characters can RUN. That is a HUGE improvement from Baldurs Gate, i almost ripped my hair out because of the slow movement of that game. You could ONLY walk in baldurs gate.
You had Stats on your characters that determined how good they were in combat or in intimidation/persuation skills outside combat also. Strength, Dexterity, Wisdom, Intelligence, Constitution and Charisma. all of them had their effects and such, example: strength raised your combat expertise (easier to hit and damage) and intelligence/charisma let you have other conversation options to the NPCs which could lead to interesting topics and solutions that you can choose! Ah, of course the game also let you talk to the NPCs around the world that gives out side quests that can help and improve your main character. Some NPCs was very memorable, aint gonna spoil anything here though :P ! Now the game is not perfect, it had some serious flaws that i happened to stumble upon perhaps of my own ignorance, but the balance of the game seemed way off sometimes. This was my first play through, anyway my main character was more of a Fighter, alot of strenght, constitution, and also intelligence (because i like conversation options), i thought he would wreck enemies with a few hits and could withstand some damage. T'was yes and no on that point since i dealt great damage as expected but he couldnt even take 4-5 hits from the enemies! I was quite upset and almost never engaged in combat if it was not necessary, and i relied almost exclusivley on 2 characters in my party which made my main character feel like a Burden in combat. But with my main characters superior intelligence, t'was not all in vain, since he excelled in conversations and puzzle solving :D. I even had more strength than intelligence with him, i dont know perhaps i did some mistakes on that part. Also some followers suffered from the same problem as my main character, they cant take alot of hits at all, you could have up 6 in the party (including you main character). Only 2 of them were actually working good in combat WAY better than anyone else.

Now the story. It was packed with lore everywhere, you had alot of options from start to finnish which showed that the game creators didnt slack on any part of the game where the story could be more interesting which it became. I dont really want to spoil anything of the story, the introduction, i hope it gave a good enough understanding of the world and why etc. The story is of course based on why you cant remember anything and why you are immortal. You journey from place to place and complete tasks that gives you some other clue to find out your immortality. BUT if you are going to play the game, then i hope you have a great memory since from the very start it could be important to remember some NPCs and their backstory so you could link them to the other problems you may stumble upon. Dont be like me and run around for hours to try find the correct person to talk with. Some parts were very misleading and others didnt really say much at all, like no clues whatsoever to continues the main story or some side quests. In my defense i didnt play this game in a span of a week, but more of a year ;). Something i was very dissapointed with was the ending of the game, aint saying more than that. Most of the time when i play a RPG and i come to the end i feel either relaxed or something like a weight gone from my shoulders but not this time, i felt even more confused because they didnt explain certain elements of the game. I might have missed it, but i doubt it.

Lastly the Miscellaneous part of it. Lets start saying that i felt very immersed by the world i were in, perfect tone and then you come to the conclusion that the gamefeel, feels good the amount of detail, interaction and such gives you a good understanding on what is happening around you. I had some gripes about what i though was minor things: first of the pathing of the characters, sometimes when you click on a location where you should go, the characters run a very wierd path to get to that point. With other words, a bad path, for example if i want my main character to talk to a NPC, sometimes he runs straight to the guy when the path i quite clear. But when lets say on of my group member is a bit in fornt of my main character he just runs AROUND the whole room to get to the NPC i clicked on which is quite annoying when that happened even when the path is almost clear, jsut a little bit the the right or left would do the trick to avoid tackling one of my party member. Other gripes i had was from combat, 2 REALLY annoying things can happen, i dont know if its bug or anything but this is what can happened randomly: First if you have your whole group selected and you want everyone to attack a monter, then sometimes everyone just stand there without moving and watch the monster come to them when i actually want the to charge in and engage first! The other thing is the hit detection when you click with your pointer in combat, when you feel like you click on the dead center on the enemy and the command becomes a movement command instead to walk beside the enemy, hence the enemy can get 1 or 2 free hits on the character i command it too. So if you are playing, USE the pause function to make the good calls more precise when clicking so you dont have a devestation missclick where you thought that you clicked correctly.

And thats about it for the game, i would definitely rank this game top 3 on my best RPGs of all times, if you have any questions or want to discuss anything for this game i would gladly answer/discuss about it!
Ok champ! Just this review left, and i promise, it'll be much shorter than the last one!

Metro 2033 universe: Journey to the darkness, i believe this book doesnt exist in english at all nor does the third book in the series which is metro 2033 universe: journey to the light.
I read this book in swedish, i know it exist in Polish and other european languages. Like third book, It doesnt take place in the moscow metro this time but in the petersburg metro since the 3rd and 4th book is like a spinoff series for the original metro 2033/2034 books. I can also say they are not written by the same person at all, the 2 original was written by Dmitrij Gluchovskij and 3rd/4th book was from Andrej Djakov.

Now this is quite different to do a review of this so lets just talk about the story (obviously), immersion feels and character development i guess :/, this review will be quite confusing for people that cant really have access to the books at all and are bound by this review, like the game review i hope i can give you some will to perhaps check out the other 2 books that you can have access to since they are translated to english!

Now for people that doesnt know about the metro universe, to explain it as short as possible. Its the year 2033 and 20 years ago the third world war started and ended very quickly at the same time since it was all out atom bomb war, some "lucky" people had the chance to escape to the metro before the bombs could strike the specific destination to wipe out everything, it turns out the metro was like a safe haven because it protected the people form the blast and the radiation afterwards so the metro became like a Home for the remaining humans in the what-was-left city. As any other country or big city the metro became segregated with groups of people that had different political views on how the metro should be controlled, so factions became very relevant and of course people went to the corresponding place where they thought would be better for them. Money as in paper money and metal coins had no value in the "new" world where the remaining humans lived so bullets became invaluable to one and other, they worked as currency since weapons is a must have to survive down there. No strict laws exist, alot of chaos still roam around in the metro, a very dark and depressing world. Some poeple cant coop with it so they became either crazy or thiefs/bandits to survive. After years pass some brave humans can resurface to the once-city, its a dangerous mission since you dont know what kind of wild life have evolved after the bombs. They loot as much resources as possible, those people are called stalkers, often renowned by the poeple since they often help others unbeknownst to them, some do it for the people, some for them self. Ok i hope that introduction helped you a bit to view how the world is.

The plot is that the main characters Taran(a 50 year old man, also stepfather to Gleb) and Gleb(12 years old boy) from the 3rd book returns in this story (and other characters that are from the sequel) are still in this book, they are still the main focus. So it starts with the metro people discovers there is a island near Finland where people could live without radiation killing them and had good recources to boot! But suddenly a atom bomb detonates at the island and only a few people from that place survives, they seek shelter at the metro. They even Threatens the metro population with
mustard gas, to fill upp the whole metro with it so no one can live there, hence exterminate everyone. since they though that the metro people detonated the bomb. The metro form a council with all the factions to find out who did it, to find the solution to that they took Taran for the job to go to evey faction and look around to see in their stations if they are the suspects. After Taran took the quest to seek out the ones who did it, Gleb gets kidnapped! Taran gets that information later after he made it to one of the factions and back to his place where he lives. Later in the story they find a character that isnt like everyone else in the metro... So yeah, that the plot basically, its not bad. They have a objective and also have other things to worry about. Good time to also introduce other characters.

-Immersion feel-
This book do not potray the world the same as the original 2 books, it has the general idea but lacks those detail that says it all. Its hard to explain, think like how they describe the landscape but forgets to mention of it feel for the characters that are in that time in those enviroments... something like that. The 3rd book suffers from the same problem but did a slightly better job on. They really didnt explain much on how some stations felt like, they are usually described as dynamic with full of life, as there is always some sort of activity going on there. This book tried it but as said earlier just the general apsect of it which gives out more of a bleak and gray place they are in, sure the world is depressing but at least have some white and black to it! They usually also have some parts of the book where one character experiance some horrible abomination of some sort, and how they survive it. I guess this time it werent any of that since every book had it but this one. For me it would be awesome to read about some wierd NEW creature attacking someone.

-Character development-
Some feelings of characters wasnt really that convincing if you would make sense to their situation and the world they are in, they had alot more jokes than the other books usually have. Though the author did a good job on Gleb to present on what he had become later stages of the book, though the author did miss out on one of the new characters that was introduced quite early in the book with some character development. That character was annoying from start to finnish which i think didnt bring out anything necessary to the table. Cant say more about this part since the author didnt bother much with it :(

I guess i'll have a miscellaneous part here also:
The climax of the story was very
predictable, it was like reading a hollywood film but in text. Mostly its not that much action going on in these books, they tend to focus on the message and the characters what they learn etc. I feel like this book was the weakest in the franchise. But it doesnt mean it was enjoyable to read, though it wasnt much as everyone else :S

Anyway all and all, if i should recommend one book in the metro series, it should be the first one. It is the best one by far and also ease you in to the franchise. Also with this one as the game i reviewed i would gladly answer any questions if someone have or discuss perhaps the book i tried to present here :)


Ok, after all that, what else do i have... i have a sketch ready to be finnished. Its a drawing of Rarity :), i'll finnish her when i feel like it.
I feel fine now, im in sweden so everything is jolly and all, summer time yo! Oh and sorry for the horrible grammar, I have certainly made some errors after writing all of this, i might edit this journal entry if i detect something wrong. And again hope you have a great summer :D!
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okaboka's Profile Picture
Hello Im Okaboka also known as oka.
21 years old and im going to study to be a doctor in poland!

when i have time i draw art, i will post them here. I draw mostly MLP FiM art but maybe later i will draw something else.

And thats about it...
As the title says, i wish everyone a supreme start on their new year! If you may have some resolutions to take care of, then all the best whishes from me :D
  • Mood: Relief

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